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How not to write like Mark Twain - a guide on why and how to write.

Aleksandar Balalovski
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We live in the post-pandemic and the world is more written than ever. We are writing not only to communicate with our colleagues and families but also to define our university prospects, job applications, work assignments, audience reach out, etc.

Writing is a large part of our everyday lives. We can ignore it and go sub-efficient in our written communication - or learn from each other and make sure that our voice is heard and clear.

This ebook comes as a collective effort from many blog posts and articles that promote the value of writing. Supplemented with actionable advice on how to write, what are the important steps of the process, and how to measure your progress.

What will you learn from this ebook:

  • How to communicate better in written form
  • How to use writing to benefit both mentally and physically from its benefits
  • How to write simply
  • How to break down the complexity of writing
  • How and where to publish your work.

Writing is about showing our story to others, but our audience can be as small as only one person - only us. Whoever the audience is, make sure your story is heard.

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Clear explanation on the value of writing and actionable advice how to start writing.

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How not to write like Mark Twain - a guide on why and how to write.

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